New York City Tandem Skydiving

Are you ready for an adrenaline filled experience? Skydiving Over New York gives you a chance to make your first jump during a safe tandem skydiving experience. Tandem Skydiving is known to be the best and safest way to taste the sky with the help of skydiving experts. At Skydiving Over New York, we pride ourselves on partnering with the most professional skydiving experts possible, conducting the safest Tandem skydives in New York.

For your tandem skydiving experience, you will be assigned a personal, highly qualified, experienced, and certified tandem master. A professional from our network of friendly skydiving experts will be with you every step of the way to your safe tandem jump. Skydiving Over New York guarantees you pure exhilaration on your first jump!

Skydiving Over New York Tandem Skydiving Experience

The Tandem skydiving experience begins with a short training course conducted by our skydiving expert to help you learn the process of exiting the aircraft, correct freefall body position, operating a parachute, what to do in case of emergencies, and landing safely. After the training, you can jump while attached your skydiving instructor, descend in free fall and pilot a single canopy to the ground. You will certainly taste an adventure you never thought existed!

Freefalling lasts approximately one minute, and then the skydiving instructor deploys a parachute at about 500 feet, from where you will then enjoy a 5 to 6-minute parachute flight over the stunning scenery around New York City, NY. On, landing softly in our beautiful drop zone in front of your family and friends, you will be presented with a Skydiving Over New York tandem skydiving certificate to display proudly. Come make your first jump today with Skydiving Over New York!

We also provide group skydives so you can bring your friends, family, and guests. Nothing makes a better experience that skydiving with a group of your excited family or friends and jumping from the same plane. Hit the skies with the most incredible skydiving experience in New York City, NY today!

Are there Age & Weight Limitations?

How old do you have to be to skydive?

There are no age limits for tandem skydiving but if you are under 18, you must gain permission from your parent or guardian, and they must be present at the parachute center on the day of your tandem jump to sign the necessary documents. If you are above 50, years, you must have a fitness letter from your doctor.

Is there a skydiving weight limit?

We provide training to prepare you for this incredible experience on which you will learn to deploy your own parachute, freefall in the correct body position to fly and land your parachute. Learn to skydive in the New York City, NY area with an advanced skydive training course from Skydiving New York City today. We have the most affordable advanced skydiving in the region.

Skydiving Gift Certificate

Weight limit: You should be 230lbs or less.
Experiencing ultimate skydiving fun and adrenaline-filled experiences requires that you hit the skies with reliable Tandem skydiving experts. Skydiving Over New York is the premier skydiving network in the New York City, New York area, providing the safest Tandem skydives at an affordable cost. We have the newest and most state of the art skydiving equipment, guaranteeing more fun with less waiting time. Experience a once in a lifetime first time skydiving experience with the most trustworthy skydiving company in New York today. Allow Dynachute skydiving instructors to guide you to a tandem skydive for a fun and exciting experience today! Once you taste the sky with Skydiving Over New York, you will forever long to experience it again. So, do it again!