Tandem Skydiving

No truer words were ever spoken. When you choose to try it for the first time, you want to jump with a skydiving team that is second to none. Our jumpmasters and skydiving staff are well versed in the art of Tandem skydives and have years’ worth of cumulative knowledge in respect to safety and how to make the experience one of epic greatness!

Skydiving Training

This is skydiving and its immeasurably cooler than a dude in a movie kicking someone into a well. We get our thrills off doing the amazing things audience members have been watching actors (actually the stunt crew) do in movies. Why live vicariously through characters in television or motion pictures when you can come train with us to be a professional skydiver? All it takes is for you to make one call!

Gift Certificates

Give your recipients a super impressive and unique gift this year when you present them with a skydiving gift certificates. Those who have never been, but always wanted to go will lack the excuse now that you’ve provided a way for them. And those who have skydived know jump tickets are costly and will love that someone else has picked up the tab. Our gift certificates make awesome surprises for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holiday gift exchanges or just because you love someone!