We have high hopes for your initial attempt on a Tandem skydive with us. A tandem jump over New York City is an amazing opportunity!

It would be impossible to not enjoy a skydive in New York. The city itself is full of life and exhilaration, much like the resulting sensation that can be experienced when you choose to skydive for the first time! Tandem jumping is what is typically suggested as the type of skydive novices should engage in. The full responsibility of the jump rests squarely upon the shoulders of the jumpmaster designated as your guide throughout the jump. They will give you a brief explanation to how to hold your body, what to expect and how to achieve the most impressive touchdown. They’ll outfit you in your gear, board the plane with you, and jump, literally attached to you too!

Immediately upon you both exiting the plane, in insane awesome fashion, you will start your descent toward the surface of the earth. You freefall at speeds seldom achieved by human bodies (roughly 120 mph) for about 60 seconds and then your instructor will deploy the chute. This is an amazing opportunity for you to get a good look at the New York surroundings and landscape from a unique vantage point. Look at how all the scenery seems somewhat pixelated until it comes into closer view! So cool! You and your jump master will land at our drop zones to awaiting loved ones who will be lost for words after witnessing your Tandem skydive spectacle!

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