Your initial Tandem jump is sure to be a one of a kind experience. Even if you choose to jump thousands of times after, the first time is guaranteed to elicit some unique and amazing sensations that will never be had again. The most incredible way to ensure that you never forget your introduction into the realm of skydiving is by making the addition of a video bundle to your skydive package!

Our videographers are experts at capturing the most impactful moments throughout your skydive experience. They’ll obtain tid bits of commentary from you prior to boarding the airplane about what you are feeling, what you are anticipating happening, etc. They’ll board the airplane alongside you and your instructor. They’ll then jump right before you, to ensure they are in perfect position to capture your opening thoughts and expressions immediately following your leap from that airplane. After they’ve captured your most impressive footage at the highest point of your dive, literally, and figuratively, they’ll head back to the drop zone right before you land. At this point they are already on the ground and will record your epic touchdown in all its glory and get your final thoughts on the whole shebang. All of this will be considered carefully and you’re truly outrageous, insane, adrenaline, and apprehension induced comments and screams will be put on video while some rad music track plays in the background throughout. All of this done to guarantee you do not miss a thing when you re watch with family and friends. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

Each time you have occasion to watch your DVD in the future, you’ll be rewarded with the rush of feelings and sensations you experienced on that day. So, in turn it will truly feel as if your skydiving for the first time again and again. You can literally be an armchair skydiver when you opt to include our videography services on your skydive with us in New York city!

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