Just imagine the wide spread grin that will appear on the faces of friends and family when they open their gift certificates for skydives from you this year!

If you happen to be struggling to find the perfect gift to present to all your recipients this year, look no further than our easy to purchase, convenient to use gift certificates for skydives. Skydiving is a sport that can become costly if you choose to pursue it professionally! How great would it be to alleviate some of the financial burden of having to purchase multiple dives from off a friend or family member’s shoulders this year? We know they’ll appreciate it!

Most gift certificates that are redeemed with us are done so via Tandem skydive. A Tandem skydive is the perfect “jumping off” point for novice skydivers, as it gives them a chance to experience the sensations of a jump without the responsibility for it being a success. During Tandem skydiving, an Instructor remains at your side throughout to help facilitate the deployment of your chute. The instructor also happens to be a resource for vital information to make sure you have the time of your life and land safely. If you think your friends, family, or colleagues would be impressed to receive a skydive gift certificate today, give us a call, we get out to you in no time!

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