Frequently asked questions

Not really. Those who choose to pursue it as a serious sport of professionally may have to go to considerable expense, however that’s to be expected of anything people elect to make a lifelong commitment to. Our Tandem jumps, which is our most often recommended and most popular style is reasonably priced for something that offers a chance to see the world from such a fresh and unique perspective.

Skydiving is safer than your everyday commute to work or to the grocery store. Jumps are generally executed at between 10,000 and 14,000 feet. During free fall, you have the potential to reach terminal velocity (120 mph) but you may achieve around 150 mph too.

Of course! We encourage you to bring along the whole collection, so to speak. The more friends and family you bring, the more epic and diverse your photographs will be. All we ask is that your guests adhere to the regulations and policies at our drop zones we’ve created for safety, like staying out of the landing area etc. Unfortunately, it isn’t safe for your guests to ride to your jump altitude with you. Additionally, all the seats on the airplane are reserved to make room for skydivers, instructors, flight crew and videographers.

We recommend you bring along a camera. Be advised, you’ll want to have somewhere safe to store it throughout your dive, like on the ground in a loved one's purse or car, as you don’t want to drop it on your jump. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing, nothing too bulky as you’ll be outfitted in a harness and long pants and tennis/athletic shoes are preferred.

If the weather is a temporary situation, you may be asked to wait a bit to execute your dive. However, if the weather doesn’t permit you to dive at all, we will be happy to help you reschedule to a more safe and convenient time.

It can literally take half an entire day, but in most cases, around 3 to 4 hours, so please plan accordingly.

Heck yeah! We anticipate the first things out of your mouth when you look down from the doorway of the plane will be of the “F word” were thinking of the word FUN right? If you elect to make the addition of having a videographer along, the only editing we’ll be doing is to add some dope music track to make your skydive appear even more outrageous. We think your Mom may forgive you if you scream a few choice words, as she’ll be super happy you arrived safe back on the ground, which is what really matters!