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In the realm of skydiving, the possibilities for you to have incredible experiences and to learn about the sport are endless. We should know! We offer the most comprehensive and dynamic skydiving school in the New York area and beyond. We also have the perfect facility and professional staff available to assist you in achieving your skydive aspirations anywhere in and around the city. How can you go wrong by selecting us as your premier skydive service provider? Answer; you can’t!

Skydiving Over New York!


Tandem Jumps: so you can be the little spoon!

If you’ve suddenly turned into Captain Courageous and have decided it’s time to spread your theoretical wings, we want to be a part of your super powered endeavors! Our Tandem skydive option is the perfect opportunity for you to take a flying leap and live out the fantasy of avenging the innocent on your caped crusader above New York. So, what if you’re flight requires another individual to literally be attached to you by the hip! Every superhero has a side kick, right?


Skydiving School: float like a butterfly, swoop like a squirrel!

How outrageous would it be to hand out business cards with your name and the words Professional Skydiver written beneath it? So! Epically! Cool! There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t want to break free of the monotony of the daily grind and indulge in an activity that they have a passion for. Most of us save this opportunity up for the weekend. However, when you enroll in our skydiving school, you’ll get the exhilarating experience and the daily grind in the form of coursework all in the same package!


Gift Certificates: gift giving done with flair!

If you happen to find yourself at a loss as to what to give to make an impact as a gift giver this holiday season, we have an idea! Why not present loved ones with an amazing opportunity to skydive with us! Skydiving gift certificates are great because they can be redeemed at locations across the US. Additionally, they don’t expire for over twenty months, not to mention the fact that they fit conveniently into Christmas stockings too!


Chuting for the stars: Skydiving Videography @ 120mph!

Videography during a skydive is a neglected and underappreciated art form. Can you imagine just how difficult it is to capture another person’s amazing experience all the while trying to keep yourself from having a mishap? Especially when you're travelling at speeds that seem almost unnatural for human bodies to be hurling at! Point is, our videographers must be good at what they do. Allowing our experts to film your experience and create a DVD of your incredible skydive experience can only serve to enhance the moments when you're sitting back and reflecting on your awesome adventure!

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Why choose us over the others?
The answer is simple!

What makes us unique?

Whether you happen to be commencing in a skydive as an introduction, as in the case of a Tandem jump, or you’ve jumped multiple times and want to pursue further education. For example, like enrolling in our training course, we can assure you that a skydive with us is a one of a kind experience. Our instructors are the best in the industry, and are an integral part of a team that strives to deliver world class service to each individual client. From our aircraft pilots, who for some reason only seem to have an open-door policy, wink, wink… to the professional chute packers, our people are amazing. If you think you’re ready to take the plunge, do it with us, Skydiving Over New York is where it’s at!

You already know about the types of skydives we provide service, take a peek at a few perks you’ll be privy to when you select us!

Video Bundles

A videography bundle is the perfect finishing touch to your amazing skydiving adventure. It ensures that you’ll be able to relive your moment of bravery for years to come. Just imagine how great your video will be; from the start of your day, arriving at our facility including all the eagerness and anticipation. You’re introduced to your jump master, you’re outfitted in your gear and the videographer conducts a brief interview with you about what you're feeling and what you're expecting to occur. You board the plane, jump out into oblivion; the videographer captures all of it. The facial expressions, the moments your brain is alternating from how cool is this to OMG! Your chute deploys, you're taken aback for a second, and then you glide gracefully back down to the DZ. Our videographer arrives slightly before you to get your perfect landing on film. Then, all the images are transferred to DVD and set to music. Absolute perfection! Especially if you're thinking about titling your DVD This video was made possible because my chute worked as opposed to Skydiving: Epic Fail Compilation!

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are an excellent way for you to give an inspired gift to friends and family this holiday season, or anytime. The benefits that can be derived from purchasing a gift certificate from us are threefold; they have a lengthy validation period, they are easily purchased, and they are redeemable at all our affiliate locations. So, if you give a gift certificate to a loved one this holiday season and they want to wait until they have others available to go jump with them, they have up until two years to reserve their jump time. If they are moving across country and want to take advantage at a DZ by their new home, they can. Even if they are heading to a state they’ve never visited for a vacation, they can redeem it there too. You can order gift certificates quickly and conveniently by calling 917-639-5307. It only takes a minute or two and the certificate can be on its way via regular mail (snail mail) or email, to either yourself or your recipient, it's to your discretion. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Happy shopping!

We thought you might enjoy reading about some outrageous skydiving feats, look below!

Just for Fun!

Well, that was close...
A Japanese ad for shaving featured men in extreme situations shaving, in our favorite, a man shaves after jumping from a plane.

Getting inked.
A man in Sweden had the acronym WFFT (World’s First Free Fall Tattoo) tattooed on his arm while skydiving and set a world record in the process.

Problem Solving.
A man solved a Rubik’s cube, he had to tie it to his wrist so as not to drop it during freefall. His training included leaning out of a car traveling at speeds more than 80 miles per hour.

Domestic Chores.
Extreme Ironing. We guess a nicely pressed, sufficiently starched shirt is important to some!

Said to stylist “I need you to make me look edgy and cool!”
An Israeli hair stylist gave another skydiver a haircut at 4 miles up off the ground.

When you can’t decide between the two!
An extreme sport, commonly referred to as “Skyaking” was performed by an infamous daredevil Miles Daisher, where you paddle across the sky at 13,000 feet.

When you just can’t wait to game on!
Four skydivers jumped out of planes playing Tom Petty’s Runnin’ on a Dream in an attempt to display a new element in gameplay.

A couple other honorable mentions;
Proposing Marriage
Sending and receiving texts

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New York City is considered one of the most influential and prolific cities in the entire world. Mainly in respect to its standing in the financial district but also in the fashion, art, musical, and theatrical arenas as well. When you make a trip to New York city, you expect to be greeted by the iconic symbols that represent the city and the country like no attractions anywhere else can. For example, you may anticipate seeing the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Empire State Building, and multiple others. Which is precisely why we’re so excited to offer skydiving opportunities here, no matter where you look throughout your skydive, you’re guaranteed an impressive view, even if it's just from across the harbor at the New York City skyline. Make no mistake, calling us to reserve your skydive in New York city won’t leave you disappointed. Give us a call today, 917-639-5307!